Jump-start the new year with our round-up of the top technology trends in 2018

Here's a look at the top technology trends for the year.

1. Streaming will still be King

There will be plenty of developments in 2018 as more subscription services attempt to woo cord cutters and others looking for their entertainment to come from the Internet rather than TV. New live TV options will be available, streaming content (like Hulu's Emmy-winning Handmaid's Tale) will continue to strengthen with new deals getting inked between providers and traditional TV's biggest names, and some behind the scenes politics at Hulu will play out, hopefully in favor of the viewer. 

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2. Net Neutrality impacts will be slow

Despite the fact that Elauwit customers are protected from the roll-back of Net Neutrality rules, it appears that everyone else is in for a long road ahead. There has already been an onslaught of lawsuits from advocacy groups, companies, states, and others. Only time will tell how these play out, but in the meantime it's unlikely that ISPs will act on the repeal just yet.

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3. IoT will soar

The number of connected devices, excluding phones and computers, will top 11 billion this year. That's a clear sign that the Internet of Things [https://elauwit.com/percept/] is growing significantly. The integration of AI, edge computing in front-facing devices, blockchain, and augmentation will all aid in sending IoT soaring in popularity.

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4. Mobile-only homes will be the new cord-cutting

Some predict that people will continue the cord-cutting theme and take all of their Internet usage to mobile-only. This means they won't have a coaxial cable or fiber optics. Instead, they'll solely rely on radio technology for their entire home Internet usage. Might seem drastic, but 20 percent of North Americans will get their Internet access this way in 2018.

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5. Cyber security will get trickier

2017 was a big year for cyber security with several attacks making headlines. What will 2018 hold? Only time will tell, but with spammers getting trickier, ransomware as a service taking off, and the rapid growth of social engineering, there's a lot to be worried about online. But, advances like blockchain security do give a glimmer of hope. 

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Lindsey Johns