16 of Top 100 Student Housing Properties by Online Reputation for 2017 serviced by Elauwit

J. Turner Research introduced quarterly student housing ORA (Online Reputation Assessment) Power Rankings earlier this year and 16 of the Top 100 Student Housing properties are serviced by Elauwit.

According to J. Turner Research's latest student housing research study, more than 85% of students use online reviews to search for an apartment, so harnessing the power of content in both reviews and responses is critical to generating an increase in student traffic. More than 21,000 students say that reviews continue to have a significant influence on their decision making regarding housing. With that, students have become more perceptive about, and discerning of, the content of reviews.

Online reviews typically assess basic criteria that are important to residents when living in an apartment; things such as noise, safety, grounds, maintenance, staff, parking, value, and neighborhood.

It comes at no surprise that specific amenities are not called out individually — especially Wi-Fi, Internet, and video services. The student housing industry has long been providing these services as an included amenity and, therefore, residents see it as a utility. Either way, if the telecom services were an issue, it would be reflected in the overall score for the property reflected in their five-star ranking. 

The 16 properties serviced by Elauwit listed in order of ranking are as follows:

To compile the rankings, J. Turner Research tracked more than 1,100 developments nationwide across various review sites. 

To be eligible for the Top 100 student housing ORA Power Rankings for 2017, a property had to register a minimum ORA score of 76 and have at least 15 online reviews. For properties with the same ORA scores, the property with the greater number of reviews ranks higher. The student housing average ORA score of 58.51 is marginally lower than the national average ORA score of 59.07.

Congratulations to all of our properties that made the list. Working together we are able to provide exceptional customer experiences that drive these positive reviews. 

Lindsey Johns