Elauwit's Robert Grosz wins Broadband Communities Cornerstone Award


Elauwit is proud to announce that Robert Grosz, president of Percept and chief development officer of Elauwit Networks, was recognized with the 2018 Broadband Communities Cornerstone Award for Outstanding Multifamily Partner at the Broadband Communities annual summit in early May in Austin, Texas. Grosz was recognized for his influence over decades in providing leadership in the multifamily industry.

Each year, a committee of industry leaders, analysts, and writers selected by Broadband Communities votes to bestow a half dozen or so Cornerstone Awards to private developments, municipalities, communities, companies, and individuals with outstanding accomplishments in the area of delivering telecommunications for the benefit of the end user.

“Bob’s passion for this space is exciting and infectious,” said Elauwit Chairman Dan McDonough, Jr. “I’m proud of him, I’m proud of his impact on our team and our customers, and I’m proud to call him a friend.”

Cornerstone Awards were originally established in 1989 as the Diamond Tier Awards and presented as recognition of achievement to companies providing cable services to the MDU industry (condominiums, apartments, hotels). 

The Cornerstone Awards have been expanded to include and recognize achievements in broadband and telecommunications for all communities and municipalities, including residential multifamily (apartments, campus housing, active adult communities) and planned communities (multi-home developments, renewed urban areas).

“In the past 25 years of my involvement in this market there has never been a more exciting time to be in this business,” said Grosz. “Convergence of so many consumer and property system applications onto a single, standards-based Internet Protocol wired and wireless network opens the door to creating unprecedented value for us, our partners and clients.”

Robert joined Elauwit in April 2016 and led the sales team as chief revenue officer where he helped the company make inroads into the general multifamily space from student housing. He pivoted from that success into being an instrumental part of launching Elauwit’s property-wide IoT business, Percept, which he continues to lead as president today.

“Robert has consistently supported Elauwit as we continue to disrupt telecom and its business models,” said Elauwit CEO Barry Rubens  “His commitment to that narrative proves how dedicated he is to the real estate owners and clients we represent. And I’m excited to see him recognized for his achievements.”

Lindsey Johns