Our clients have really nice things to say about the experience of working with us. Here are but a few specific projects. 

The Project: University of Kentucky Housing Technology Outsourced


Challenge: Internet, WiFi and Video for Every On-Campus Resident

In 2013 our new client EdR was selected to engage in a multi-year undertaking to rebuild and revitalize all on-campus residences at the University of Kentucky in Lexington. This long-term deal with the UK Board of Trustees to build and manage all the housing meant EdR would need a skilled and dedicated partner to oversee the technology needs of the multiple campus residential communities.

Scott Casey, Chief Technology Officer for EdR, immediately called on Elauwit. And we all went to work, year in and year out ever since. EdR has added newly built residence halls every summer from 2013 to the present, now totaling more than 6,500 residents. Elauwit is the technology partner for every single bed – providing, installing and managing all the electronics, fiber and low-voltage cabling to provide WiFi and video for every Wildcat resident.

EdR was so pleased with our work, and with their CTO’s foresight in managing our services, the company added the title and portfolio of Senior Vice President of Strategic Business Development to his CTO role. The UK project has been a great win for everyone involved.

This is why the largest and most successful multifamily housing owners and managers rely on Elauwit. We get the job done. We make everyone successful. We do things right no matter how big or demanding.

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The Project: 5 Clients. 7 Communities. 5,000 Residents.


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Challenge: An Internet Rescue Over the 12 Days of Christmas

Resident complaints about the Internet service are pouring in via social media. Community Managers are writing corporate HQ with comments like, “Renewals are down 42% from last year,” and “Total leases are down 74%!”

These conversations didn’t happen just once or twice. It happened all at once with four different owners! At seven different properties in 3 states! With more than 5,000 residents! And each community had pretty much the same story – “We realized at Thanksgiving how bad things are. Our leases are down. Complaints are up. We need to replace our provider and get this stuff fixed…like yesterday!”

Could Elauwit manage the task? It seemed doable with the right planning and coordination. Then things really went south.

Here’s how it went down…

Monday, 2 weeks before Christmas – we conduct multiple site inspections and surveys

Tuesday, the very next day – we send proposals and quotations for the sites

Wednesday, the following morning – owners sign-off on proposals, “It’s a green light. Let’s go!”

Wednesday, same day 4:30 pm – without any notice, the “about-to-be-replaced” service provider turns off Internet at three sites of 7 communities

Wednesday 5:30 pm – Elauwit technicians schedule flights

Wednesday 6:00 pm – Elauwit ships electronics and servers overnight express

Thursday 8:00 am – Our techs arrive at the 3 “911” sites with no service

Thursday 5:00 pm – 2 of the 3 Internet dark sites are back online before exam week is over

Friday 11:00 am – The remaining dark site is back online

Wednesday, the following week – takeover and conversion of Internet services at the other 4 communities is completed, 2 days before Chritsmas

Elauwit fixed it all in the 12 days before Christmas. 7 communities were now online with quality service. 4 clients were thrilled, and have grateful memories of a customer service experience that we recall fondly.

We know that time is of the essence when it comes to our services. So we don’t waste it, no matter the time of year. If your service falls between sub-par and 911, you don’t have to wait.

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The Project: New Client Buys Old Building


Challenge: Retrofit a 155 Unit Landmark without Breaking the Bank

When Asset Campus Housing acquired a century-old brick structure near Cleveland State University, with plans to renovate and convert it to nearly 150 private apartments, they knew they had a great location. But they also knew they had a lot of work to do.

They planned to market the site as a haven for style, technology and fun combined with outstanding amenities. Elauwit was brought in to rewire the entire site for fantastically-fast Internet, as well as quality satellite TV. Using innovative engineering, and brand new technology products not familiar to the owner, we were able to shave tens of thousands of dollars off the construction budget for the cabling retrofit, while still delivering fiber to every floor of the building and replacing the antiquated video wiring.

The owner’s construction management called it “a big win” to get a lot more than was expected for even less than was anticipated.

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