Tier 2 Help Desk Supervisor

Job description

We are hiring a Help Desk Tier 2 Supervisor to join our Customer Operations team in Columbia, SC. Flexibility with schedule is important for this position.


Job Responsibilities:

  • Work with network team to diagnose and assist in resolving individual and site-wide service issues
  • Monitor and score employee calls using Quality Assurance guidelines
  • Monitor and review performance statics
  • Facilitate job performance coaching/feedback sessions with Tier 2 agents
  • Create, facilitate, and monitor performance improvement plans

•       Administer all performance improvement documentation as required for individual team members

•       Assign daily tasks such as customer callbacks, aging service ticket processing, and others as required

•       Monitor and audit individual end-user service tickets and property-wide service issues

•       Approve/deny schedule time off request

•       Create and implement monthly department employee schedules

•       Perform routine new-hire audits to check for errors, training opportunities, patterns, behaviors etc.

•       Be actively available in the General/Property Manager support queue daily in order to handle property management concerns and escalations

•       Handle/Resolve escalated calls

•       Provide/ facilitate and or assist with new hire training when necessary

•       Provide call queue support during periods of heavy call volume

•       Oversee telecommunications system alerts for all properties to ensure agents respond in a timely and accurate manner

•       Correct and Approve time sheet exceptions, incorrect punches, and errors

•       Approve, monitor, or escalate tickets to Dispatch department when required

•       Generate service tickets for individual end-users

•       Generate property-wide service issue cases

•       Effectively collaborate with cross-functional areas for resolution of tickets and issues.

•       Work with peers, direct reports, and managers to identify and implement process improvement initiatives



•       1+ year supervisory experience in a similar role

•       Knowledge of remote troubleshooting of wireless access points, modems, smart tvs, Dish Networks and DirecTV Smartbox distribution systems, various other remote systems, SSID, BSSID, VLAN

•       Experience with process of locating IP and Mac addresses

•       Knowledge of Putty, SSH, Telnet

•       Concrete examples of processes improvement on help desk operations


Please note: This is not a work from home opportunity.