Not just another pretty network. Even greater benefits & value with Percept.

Network ownership allows a community to drive the digital transformation of its resident's lives. But people's devices aren't  the only things that connect to the network.  


Connected technologies that improve lives

Physical things like door locks, thermostats, pipes, lights, cameras, parking spaces and pools are items which are the common responsibility of the community, not an individual resident.  Connecting these physical things to a network allows the community to gain insights, take action, and improve resident safety, comfort, and asset longevity. 


Harmonious partner ecosystem 

Elauwit takes connected things seriously, so we created “Percept”.  Percept orchestrates an ecosystem of best of breed partners and risk mitigation services to affordably and reliably add significant value to a community. 


Promises met with measured and verified results

Properly connecting these assets requires planning and upkeep, but ignoring connected community “things” negatively impacts resident experience while causing lost revenue and higher operating expense. Percept provides the process and reporting to independently measure and verify results while assuring that connected technologies are delivering on their promises.