Project Coordinator

Elauwit is a new breed of technology service provider. We believe that everything in life will be impacted or improved by our seamless connection to each other through IP networking. Our focus is improving the lives of those who live in student housing, conventional luxury multifamily communities or those who are guests of hotels and resorts. We empower community owners to improve connectivity for their residents by building and maintaining networks and by introducing new and innovative products to our customers and sales partners. We leverage the best telecommunication providers and in-home technologies and combine that with amazing customer service and support tools to generate value.

Project Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities 

Project Coordinators organize the people and resources of a project to ensure that it runs smoothly and is completed efficiently with timely reporting throughout the life of the project. The Project Coordinator will be responsible for working with Project Managers to build schedules, compile reports, and setting up meetings to help keep a project organized.

This position will report directly to the VP of Project Management in support of multiple projects and project teams.

To accomplish their primary goal of organizing the numerous parts of a project and making sure it runs smoothly, Project Coordinators perform many tasks including those described below:

Plan Meetings

Project Coordinators work directly with other team members and the client to schedule and plan meetings to allow for updates throughout the course of a project. Project coordinators also help with planning meeting content and presentations.

Organize Project Logistics

Project Coordinators organize the logistics of a project. They track progress toward the project schedule, key milestones, and budgets using our Project Management portal and as well as spreadsheets. They must be knowledgeable about the project’s particulars, which range from daily details to long-term goals, in order to keep it on schedule.

Maintain Records

Maintaining project reports that are detailed, accurate, and timely is a critical responsibility of the Project Coordinator.  The Project Coordinator works closely with the Project Managers to build and maintain detailed records of all aspects of the project’s development. They compile both project-specific reports and portfolio-wide reports that are used to communicate progress to internal and external (clients and consultants) audiences.

Upon completion of a project the Project Coordinator will work with Project Mangers to prepare comprehensive and accurate project close-out reports.

Project Coordinator Skills

The Project Coordinator must have excellent organizational and communication skills.  Successful candidates enjoy working on a variety of projects and can solve complex problems and meet deadlines.

Core skills:

  • Advanced analytical, problem solving and decision-making skills
  • Knowledge and understanding of project coordination and scheduling using cloud-based Project Management portal
  • Ability to use Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint)
  • Ability to coordinate completion of multiple tasks and deadlines
  • Knowledge of presentation design and delivery
  • Ability to work flexible hours.


Advanced skills:

  • Experience with Procore project management software.
  • Microsoft Visio experience.
  • Telecommunications experience.