Suites on Paseo, San Diego

Suites on Paseo, San Diego

Caring as much as you do

Suites on Paseo
San Diego

When Elauwit designed a solution to fix the Internet woes and replace the service provider at the beautiful 400-bed Suites on Paseo student community in San Diego, longtime maintenance supervisor Lee Rich had some serious doubts. Those doubts came with good reasons: he didn’t know Elauwit, he helped build the property from day one, and he saw the community as his responsibility to protect. And he probably seldom found vendors able to meet his expectations.

But the community management firm, The Preiss Company, had relied many times on Elauwit and reassured Lee to monitor us closely.

About six months after the project was completed, Lee bumped into one of our marketing folks at a conference. He felt obligated to share that he was totally and happily wrong about what he had anticipated from Elauwit, versus what he got. Lee's words verbatim:

It’s important to me that people care as much as I do. Elauwit far exceeded the expectations I had about communicating, caring and commitment. Plus the WiFi works like a charm, too! Elauwit proved something to me — they care as much about their work as I do about mine.
— Lee Rich, Maintenance Supervisor, Suites on Paseo

Lee's high expectations only drove us harder to meet and exceed them. We continue to get nice reports from the community residents about the improvements in service and support we've delivered there. It was super working with you, Lee, and all the dedicated folks managing the site.


The House at Cornell Tech, New York City

The House at Cornell Tech, New York City

On time! On budget! In NYC!

The House at Cornell Tech
New York City

Located on New York City’s Roosevelt Island, Cornell and it's developer, the Hudson Company, challenged Elauwit to design, install and manage Internet services in the world’s largest Passive House structure: a 270 foot-tall, 352-unit residential building. This NYC housing includes not only student occupied units, but high profile Cornell leadership and faculty residences as well. 

Elauwit delivered seamless community-wide wireless for 536 residents at The House. On time. On budget. Full services were operating at peak performance on move-in day one with high speed Internet for every resident, high definition local television channels via cable or IP for every resident, plus optional DirecTV for full range video entertainment. 

However, the results we like best are illustrated by this: Ron Brachman, a faculty member who resides in the luxury high rise, sought support to finish registering his account and devices. After he finished with the Elauwit Help Desk, he entered this comment into our customer support portal:

The support was perfect - the representative was patient, knowledgeable, and most importantly was familiar with the problem and helped me fix it so that everything ended up working. Thank you!

That's right - the story is topped off with Ron being a Professor of Computer Science. He knows a great help desk when he sees one! Thanks for the note, Ron. It was our pleasure to be there when you needed us.


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