Bulk is better.

The services we provide are simple: state-of-the-art video and internet along with the best customer support of those services hands down.

We’re perfect for:

+ Student Housing
+ Condominiums
+ Luxury Apartments
+ Adult Living
+ Hospitals
+ Homeowners Associations
+ Managed Care Facilities
+ Hospitality & Lodging
+ Mixed-use Commercial

Multifamily garden apartment? Student cottage community? Urban in-fill high-rise? Mega-project?


Elauwit has the experience and ability to meet the need. Public-private, mixed-use, institution based, whatever the size and scope: we’re on it.


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What’s bulk telecom?

Fundamentally, bulk telecom is where one entity buys the service for multiple end-users.


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Elauwit is a forward-focused technology company serving niche markets and communities.


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From student housing to high rise condos, Elauwit can tackle any project that comes our way.


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