Connected /kuh-nek-tid/
united, joined or linked


Across every state in America, we are changing the way Internet service finds its way into multi-dwelling communities.

Elauwit is leading the evolution of the WiFi managed service business. And unlike the world's largest telecom companies, we do it anywhere in the U.S.

All over America, we’re empowering remarkable communities like yours with remarkable connectivity experiences unlike any other. And we do it while enhancing the actual dollar value of your investment.

Our name, Elauwit [el-ah-wit], is an American Indian word meaning “the hunter”. We’re headquartered in historic Charleston, South Carolina, where we’d love to have you come visit. The state is home to our engineers, technical and fiber-optic specialists, construction teams, call center agents and entire family of exceptional folks.

We’ve been in business since 2002, growing from media to telecommunications, expanding from one coast to the other, while serving owners, developers, builders, investors and managers of multi-family housing.

Our roots in southern hospitality taught us all about customer service. It’s a special part of us. We believe in doing good, valuing life’s moments, and keeping connected to everyone and everything important to us.

That’s why we’re in this business. We’re different that way. We like being uniquely dependable and reliable. We like keeping our word. We like developing bonds with the folks who invite us into their communities. 

You can check out our origin story here.


Watch the video to see why connectivity is a necessity for your community


You will be in great company with us. Hear what some of our clients are saying about the Elauwit experience.

As a publicly traded company, we took a bold step when we moved our entire portfolio of over 10,000 units into Elauwit’s care. It was a great choice, and our partnership continues to expand and grow over the years.
— Randy Churchey, CEO, Education Realty Trust (NYSE: EdR)

Our Mission is to provide the ultimate living experience for our residents so we must make sure they have the ultimate internet experience. That is why we rely on Elauwit to partner with us in making this happen.
— Kirk Preiss, Principal, The Preiss Company

As a developer we have clientele that demands superior cable and internet service. Most of our sites have challenging networks to install and manage. Elauwit has demonstrated on multiple sites their ability to provide network installation on time (which is paramount in our industry) and at a high level of quality. They also meet and exceed our resident expectations on speed, channel lineup, and customer service. We value the relationship with Elauwit forged over the past several years and look forward to working with them in the future.
— John Sims, Senior Vice President Construction, Capstone Collegiate Communities